Domain Web Recovery Services

Precise IT Solutions are able to help your business to recover from web domain related issues such as web server overload, domain routing (DNS) mismanagement and much more.

Providing a full set of IT services means understanding everything about IT services and IT solutions. Precise IT Solutions are adept at web domain management and recovery processes.

A case study of a recent event requiring our IT Solutions and IT services follows.

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Case Study:

Munich Motorcycles is a company in Western Australia that provide BMW parts to clients Australia wide.

Munich contacted Precise IT Solutions as they were having issues with their web service provider and required fast effective IT Solution to solve their issue.

The issue at hand, Munich's web server was very slow and timing out, causing their customers to have no ability to order products from their shopping cart, which was disruptive to business and costing the goodwill of their clients.

Precise IT Solutions took on the challenge of troubleshooting the issue. We found that there were several issues relating to their problem including
  • excessive web requests instigated by the marketing company they were using
  • poor server performance of the web host organized by their web designer
Precise IT Solutions took on the challenge of migrating the entire website to new, faster more effective hosting, including migrating the database which contained over 7000 items and hundreds of customers. Re-implemented Munich's credit card payment gateway and provided an SSL based site which allows Munich's clients the security of trading through a secure website

Munich Motorcycles now have a primary website which resides as part of Precise IT Solutions suite of IT Services and retain their old web hosting service as a backup site in case of emergency.

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