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Backups, Business Continuity and Network Security

Why Backups are important

Backups are more than just about your data. Many businesses consider having a data backup essential but fail to consider business continuity, or how long it takes to replace or bring a system or server back online.

Every hour that passes rebuilding the system structure is time and money wasted on lost revenue or on staff sitting around, and mostly, loss of goodwill with your clients who are relying on you to provide a service or product.

Precise IT Solutions can help you to plan and configure a backup solution that will help ensure a smooth recovery from disasters, whether it be a minor missing file or a major system failure, in an efficient and timely manner. 

We are also able to implement fallback systems which can be used while the primary system is being rebuilt or reorganized.

Contact us for more details on how we can plan your backup and recovery.
Security Alert - Ransomware

Backups are also one of the best ways to protect against 'Ransomware'

Ransomware (also known as cryptoviruses, crytotrojans, cryptoworms) is MALWARE, MALicious softWARE, that restricts access to the computer system that it infects, by means of encrypting the files, and Ransomware creators demand a ransom paid in order for the restriction to be removed.

This malware is normally spread by accidentally opening suspect emails or files which then proceed to infect and lock up the system.

Precise IT Solutions have helped many businesses recover from such situations, but it does require good IT Solutions and protocols to help combat the issue.