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Software Programming

Precise IT SOLUTIONS have been providing purpose built software solutions to clients for a many years.

We are always happy to discuss and formulate appropriate IT solutions  for your business and process needs.

As a sample, we are have 2 case studies, to highlight some of the solutions that we have created or can do to help improve your services and processes.

Please feel free to call us on 9488 3313 or contact us via email to discuss your needs. 

Case Study 1: 

DIAS Aluminium is an Australian national company with branches in Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

Precise IT were called in nearly 10 years ago to develop a solution to help improve DIAS's sales and productivity by means of a simple, easy to use solution for their workers and clients.

Precise developed, and continues to develop, a simple Excel solution, that is easy to use and easy to understand. 

Just put in your numbers or dimensions and click the buttons. That's it. Click on the Excel Logo below to download a sample of one of the spreadsheets that we have done for DIAS.

NB: Requires Excel 2010 or above to run. To view the contents only, click here.

Case Study 2:

The FMCWA provides help and support to multicultural migrants and people with mental health issues. Precise IT have proudly been supporting this organisation since 2000.

A few years ago, the Mental Health And Services (MHAS) database that FMCWA were using wasn't performing as they had hoped. Individual users had to enter data in separate databases, this meant data was held in several different locations and it was difficult to combine the data. They needed a solution that would be current and easy to use.

Precise IT Solutions programmed a cloud based solution that allowed all users to enter data into a single database, making it easier to collate the data, use and create reports, and identify client requirements. As an added bonus, the new database was also portable - meaning they were able to use their smartphones and tablets to enter the data straight from wherever they were having the meeting with a client.

Due to privacy regulations, we are not allowed to place a sample of what we programmed for FMCWA, so, if this type of solution interests you, please, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or call us on 9488 3313.